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Oruç Reis Mh. Tekstilkent Koza Plaza
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+1 (424) 527 96 67
218 S Tower Dr. #206
Beverly Hills CA 90211
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NER Export About NER Export Import Industry Trade Stock Company “NER Export” was established based on the experiences of a well-established family that carried out import and export activities between Europe-Asia and the Americas in its trade journey from 1998 to the present day. NER Export, a strong woman founded an export firm as a solid foundation to establish the existence and purpose, and gives direction to Turkey's foreign trade with the objectives of quality. in addition, has the mission to possess a branded Turkish products with reasonable guaranteed price . there was a question during our firm owner Neriman Efe visit to Turkey's Denizli province which is rich in industry and production,"With so many manufacturers, why isn't there a Turkish brand that everyone knows about?" It was the first spark that led to the establishment of NER Export.
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CountryIn the competitive world market, we make a difference with our collaborations on country basis.
Product TypeSearches and determines; We produce solutions for a variety of special products for different needs and requests.
Product SupplyWe carry out versatile and planned studies with our collaborative business partnerships.
Happy CustomerWe are committed not only to our own values, but also to the values of our customers!